Zodiac Signs

Zodiac signs

Some days are worse, other better. I do admit having stress around productivity and measuring my life in how productive I was that day. If I did a lot and accomplished a lot, I tend to say “today was a good day”. Other days that doesn’t end up a measurable result, I tend to sigh about and conclude as “today wasn’t a day worth anything at all”. These conclusions do have a big impact on my life and especially on the tempo, in which I live my life in. The pressure of achieving and “earning” a good day tends to max the expectations and pace of the day and I end up in a constant loop of developing projects, creating and solving new problems and raising the expectations of what I should achieve in order to conclude my day as a “good day”. I see this pattern and behavior in fellow musicians and artists living a similar lifestyle as mine and I know that at least some of you can relate to this pattern. Right now I’m bringing awareness to these actions and this behavior of mine with the aim of gaining more control over how I look at my days. In the end, it’s how I look at my life. Gaining control is for me so far a lot about recognizing and listening to your tempo and remembering to breathe. Remembering to be and just be. Listening to your pulse and guiding it to where you want it to be. To stay awake.

Well, that’s what’s going on at one side of my sky. When turning my head to the other side I’m seeing a new chapter. I’m looking at new figures wondering what stories they will bring this new year. Yes, it’s new years. We’re gonna turn the page from 2017 to 2018. My celebration will take place on the stage. Not to be an unusual place of celebration for me, I’ve played a lot of new years gigs before but this might be the first gig I make on a new years eve, playing my own songs. For me, this feels good. This feels exciting. This feels like a very interesting year to welcome. 2018, what stories will you tell me? What insights will you give me? What lessons will you teach? To be honest, I’m a bit “vikovill” as we say back in Malax, “lost in the week”. However, facts remain, it’s new years tomorrow. Ready or not.

I will have 30 min tomorrow to share my most exciting insight these days, which is the post I wrote some days ago about finding your message. That your message is right here. In all your senses. In your very own perception of the world. Your own perspective. As I feel it until now, I’d like to share this with my song “The Pearl” and talk about being disconnected from your core and your senses. I’d like to sing my song called “Moondance” and talk about the love and connection to people around, friends, family, and partners. Your team. I’d like to encourage the audience to stand up for their passion and express their dreams with the song “Who we are” and later literally command them to “Speak up” as I do in track nr. 6 of my Walkabout album. I’d like to bring about some sunlight with the song “Sunkids” and later get back to talking about the light of our hearts with the song “Riders of the light”. I’d like to share about how to reach your core with the song “Mandala” and finally close my set with a beautiful sunset, call response song, repeating the chorus of “Ray of light”. If they ask me for one more song I might offer the fresh release of this week, a new recording of my song “Anam Cara” and talk about my experience meeting my soulmate.

This is how the sky looks like right now from my perspective. How does it look like from where you are?


Setlist for New Year’s Eve 2017/2018

The Pearl


Who we are

Speak up


Riders of the light


Ray of light


Anam Cara