Stillness, observation and patience

Hey, how are you friend? I am well, on the move again. For the next 15 days we’ll be changing location almost every day, so we have some quite intense traveling and exploring days ahead of us. Today we’ve visited the salt mine of Maras, the inka laboratories of Moray and finally Pisaq, which is an old inka city. When closing the day with Tami, reflecting about everything we’ve experienced today I sum up with an impression of stillness, observation and patience. Sometimes when traveling or simply living our day to day life we loose ourselves in the external world.. today I did loose myself a lot to the external world, however, when looking inside of me, I found these imprints from todays exposure; stillness, observation and patience. The process of creation, of learning and exploring something new, the trials and practice you need to put in to move forward, all these processes carry the values mentioned above, my impressions from today. Which makes me inspired to keep walking the path of personal growth and exellence. Here I am, opening my heart to welcome, learn from and to meet you. I find our world, our universe, an amazing place and I am so thankful for all the days I am given here in this life. My new friend of today is called Lauren. She’s from New Jersey, later Hawai and now she’s a nomad and identifies the entire world as her home. For me, home is when I am reconnected with my inner world. Home is not a physical place or so, it has turned more and more into the present state of mind. Simply being present. That’s what home is for me right now. Tomorrow We’re getting up early so I’ll stop here. Hope you had a nice day as well, talk more soon.

Greetings, Erik