I treasure every morning waking up with you,
every night going to sleep by your side. 

I treasure the space we create,
a safe bubble, 
a warm hug that embraces and connects me with the present,
with the vulnerable, fragile human that I am, that we are. 

I treasure the day I’m given,
the people and experiences that paint and shape my being. 

My existence stand as a living piece of art
as well as proof of all these encounters,
of all the moments shared. 

The way I think and express myself,
the sound of my music and the tone in my writing,
every phrase is created with colors from the unique palette I’ve become. 

You are the reason I get out of bed every morning. 

You are the reason I challenge myself to always be my best version,
the reason I care about doing the things that nobody asked for,
things that serve the collective, the environment and our wellbeing. 

You, my partner, my family, friend and 
stranger as well as my own voice and conscience. I believe in you.
I believe in us, and the the safe bubble we can create when we’re

I believe in the art we become during our walk through life,
that we are unique colors in a creative process in search of harmony. 

I believe in exploring and asking questions to ourselves,
in challenging our perspective and making friends with the uncertain,
embracing the void together. 

I invite you into my bubble, into my heart.
This is how I look at life and who I am.
The music and the art I make, are branches of the same tree.


Now tell me more about you.

Erik Sjøholm
+358 50 5557792