To remind people of who we are
and who we can be collectively
so that together we can give each other
support, meaning, purpose and joy.


By telling the story of
”these days us” through music.


* Songs & Recordings
* Concerts, Live performances
* Other formats such as videos, drawings etc.


Erik Sjøholm believes in the vulnerable and fragile human being,
in the encounters along our path and the impact we have on each other.
Music has the ability to connect and evoke emotions,
to revive memories and the stories that make us who we are.
This music, carries the color and impact of all the people Erik has met
along his own path.

Every third Friday of the month he celebrates the release of a new song,
a new insight and story from his own life.
His sound is influenced by various cultures,
people from different parts of the world,
pushing the boundaries of separate music genres,
presenting new blends of soul, latin, tropical, afro, folk and pop music
as an independent nomadic singer-songwriter from Ostrobothnia, Finland.

Let your curiosity take the lead and join the self-discovering experience
when listening to the music of Erik Sjøholm.