To share, care and respect

Hello sunshine,

Tonight I want to take a moment and think out loud about love. I´m sitting in a room, in a house located in ”La Ferte, sous Jouarre”, the outskirts of Paris. Why I´m here is a different story but right now I want to focus and explore the topic love. They say love is the greatest of all the powers and it strikes me in the most difficult moments, how true this is for me. When I try to define what love is for me I print: Love is shared. Love is to care. Love is to respect. Love is so many other values but these are the three first ones that come to me. I was sitting down taking time together with Tami, my partner, friend, and almost wife to clarify and update our current aims the other day and after a couple of hours of defining I reached this sentence: ”To express love through music and share it with other people, because it brings me and others happiness”. Tonight I looked at my aim and realized, the first thing to do I better explore love a little bit. To share, to care and to respect. I take a look at a reflection of my own behavior tasting these words and I can admit that I´m a bit of a hypocrite making this statement. I can do more (or sometimes less) and I want to learn how that lifestyle looks like.

To share, to care and to respect. I think of mother earth regarding respect. I travel a lot and the flights are spitting out bad environmental gases. To share, I spend a lot of time in my own bubble, sometimes looping ideas and projects a bit too much to be healthy about it. I think, probably both people around me, myself and all the projects and ideas could benefit from me breaking that bubble every now and then. To care. This is something I´ve currently given more attention and space for. To really care for something. The more care you give, the more hurt you can get but also it really connects you to beautiful views of life. On guard, you might find yourself let down by your expectations so many times when you start caring about your life and others but believe me when I say that for me that´s all there is, so why not care about it.

This makes me want to continue and share that as I grow older, I´m realizing more and more how precious life is and how precious I am to be a life bearer in this beautiful world. To carry a soul, a heart and so much love to give and share with people. I know this sounds silly maybe but isn´t it like so?

Think I´m gonna try some songwriting on this topic. Meanwhile, let´s get inspired from other life explorers and writers and listen to Mr. Bill Whiters in his song ”Lean on me”

Take care family,