New friends from Belgium

10.7.2017, in the Van, scorze-padova 

Hello dear friends! 

Sending a greeting from the road. Yesterday we’ve met and made new friends from Belgium. They are making a holiday trip with their renault van that they have turned into a caravan. I’m very impressed by how they have done it and get inspired by the thought of it. Let’s see if this could be something for the near future to come for Tami and me!?

They’ve also shared nice stories from travelling different parts of the world. They specifically highlight their experiences in south-america, going around in the same style, with a 4×4 truck, for one year. 

They share about tribes, nature, the salt lake, dangers, what to think about etc. Very interesting and inspiring! 

Today we’ll go on a field trip to the hills of Padova and explore the history of the city!! 

We wish you a great day everyone!! Be safe!!