Greetings from Italy

Hello everyone!

Greetings from Italy, Padova to be more precise. Here we are, me and Tami. Visiting our ”La latina” family members Ali and Luka, that we met during our stay in Madrid, September-February last year. Here we are learning a lot about the Italian way of life. Expressions, ways of thinking, traditions, sharing life experiences etc. Central aspects of life here is certainly the food. Fresh food, following the fruit/vegetable of the season. Right now, the mellon is hot on the table and we enjoy it so much almost to every meal we eat.

We´ve been learning a lot about family and what friendship really holds. Our friendship to Ali and Luka has grown even stronger and it´s a pleasure to meet their families and discover where they come from, where they´ve grown up. Parents, siblings, grandparents, kids, taking part of weddings, dinners and hikes to the mountains, this is so far our Italian experience in a few words.

By the help of Ali and Luka we´ve also been fortunate to make some concerts here both in Treviso, Scortze, Chiaravalle and on a boat around Venice waters. These are beautiful areas and I can recommend a visit for the one who want´s to discover Italian culture and history. The response has been fruitful and well received. Many new friendships has risen from the events and I look forward coming back here for more collaborations and concerts in the future.

The setlists has offered my standard classics, like ”Ray of light” and ”Compromise” but also newer material like ”La Latina” and ”Sunkid” which will be released on the up and coming album, planned to be released in the autumn. Songwriting wise I´m full of ideas and last week a new song was born and I´m not expecting less from this week.

By these words I say goodnight, sleep tight!

(The picture is from a gig in the outskirts of Padova and the video is from our concert in Chiaravalle last week. )

VIDEO: Erik & Tami – Orange, Live in Chiaravalle