Drake Bay, Costa Rica



Well today has been a day of ups and downs for sure. I’ve been reflective today and climbed some mountains when thinking about how to make future projects and dreams come true. Sometimes when you think too big and too far in the future, everything becomes overwhelming and you find yourself feeling helpless and so small that you couldn’t even take the first step of the hike to the top. I was here at that place today. I have certain goals with my music career and I’m kind of building my life around it so in a way, it has to work.. hehe.. do you have that feeling too? At least this is the kind of pressure I put on myself but once you take the first step and start walking it always clears up and the skies grow wider for every step. Voila, I’ll drop it off here. Today has been rainy and stopping at times. We are still in Drake Bay at Mohagine Hotel and saw many animals today. Spiders, a racoon, a different kind of tucaan and much more. Feeling so happy and alive. Talk soon, E