12.10.2018 | La Fortuna, Costa Rica

Right now it’s 00.00 as I’m writing these lines. I’m at hostel ”La Choza Inn” in La Fortuna in Costa Rica and about to close this day and go to sleep. It’s been an amazing day, we’ve made a good hike and I’ve made many new friends today. In a group of five we took a taxi upp to ”Cerro Chato” and climbed all the way to the green lagun that lies right in the crater of the now dead Volcano. It was a sight of a lifetime and for anyone visiting I strongly recommend you to go there to see it for yourself. It’s a challenging track but if you take it Slow it will be allright. When coming back home we made dinner together and shared delicious glutenfree pasta with cheese, cheery tomatoes and mushrooms all mixed with green pesto! Yummy!! And the talks is something I really appreciate now Looking back at the day. Now in the evening I’ve been getting some work done including taking up posting here on the blog again. But this will be enough for tonight I think, getting too tired to write more now. Goodnight and talk soon!!