Erik Sjøholm - We are one, Cover art


We are one by Erik Sjøholm is set to be published the 22nd of November 2019 and digitally distributed by making it available on various digital platforms and stores worldwide. Complete list here:

Song title: We are one
Music & Lyrics by: Erik Sjøholm & Lea Berendt
ISRC code: FIEDS1900002

Recorded at: Nordic Audio Labs
Producer/label: Erik Sjøholm
Mixed by: Sami Koivisto
Mastered by: Miguel Díaz
Cover art by: Erik Sjøholm

Recording artists: 
All vocals & Acoustic guitar: Erik Sjøholm
Violin & Electric guitars: Peter Enroth
Percussion: Tuukka Aitoaho


When the day was done we set out home
through lonesome fields and carved out stones
You opened up a secret door
to more than I had ever known

oh evening come and tell us more
of our family tree still so unknown
tell me how we cross the seas
reaching out to a distant me

oh we are one, we are one
through generations walking on
we are one, we are one
I wanna discover how
we are one

gather round at breakfast time 
make a plan to get around
stories of a different kind
there’s more and more yet to be found

we may stand or we may fall
to answers that we’re looking for
was hoping for a little more
to understand the road we’re on

build a bridge from yours to mine
connect our lands so we can find
peace to reach a sibling fight
and giving up who’s wrong or right