”Matsawana represents the presence of death
we learn to live with
from the moment we’re born
until the day we pass away.


Song title: Matsawana
Music composed by: Erik Sjøholm & Timothée Dorr
Lyrics written by: Erik Sjøholm
ISRC code: FIEDS2000001

Recorded at: Madrid/Vasa/Kvevlax
Producer/label: Erik Sjøholm
Mixed by: Miguel Díaz
Mastered by: Miguel Díaz
Cover art by: Erik Sjøholm

Recording artists: 
Lead vocals, Backing vocals, acoustic guitar, keyboards, marimba:
Erik Sjøholm
Backing vocals: Anna Timgren
Bass: Mats Ödahl
Drums & Percussion: Tuukka Aitoaho

Matsawana by Erik Sjøholm
was published the 17th of January 2020
and digitally distributed by Emubands.com
making it available on various digital platforms
and stores worldwide



From the day I was born
She hold me in her arms
She guide me through life
and now she takes me away

Matsawana came to see me
She took my temple
In the middle of the night
She took my life


She took my temple away
She took my temple away


Erik Sjøholms death celebration

      The nomadic singer-songwriter Erik Sjøholm (FIN) believes in the
vulnerable and fragile human being, in the encounters along our path and
the impact we have on each other. With his new tropical/world single
Matsawana he invites his audience to reflect on our relationship to death. 

Who is Matsawana? 

    Matsawana represents the presence of death we learn to live with from
the moment we’re born until the day we pass away. This story, among
others, inspired Erik to use the character of a wolf when reflecting about
our own mortality.

   ”My grandma lived a self-sustainable lifestyle as a farmer, growing her own
food and having her own animals together with my grandpa. Their house was
the heart of the village and the meeting place for music nights and gatherings. 

   One frosty winter night when my grandpa went out to get some firewood, he
got into a close encounter with a wolf that burst to attack him. Using logs of
wood, he managed to fend off the attack and scare the wolf away. He then
went back inside and told everyone of his close to death experience. 

  — Erik Sjøholm 

Island of lakes – Erik Sjøholms tribe

    For Erik, death is something to celebrate as much as life is. It’s an event
that unites and brings us together. It gives our lives meaning and creates a
space for us to wonder, question and challenge ourselves. He has opened a
facebook group called ”Island of lakes – Erik Sjøholms tribe” to reflect on
these topics together with his audience. To join the group, click here

The music of Erik Sjøholm is influenced by people from all over the world,
pushing the boundaries of separate genres, presenting new blends of soul,
latin, tropical, afro, folk and pop music. Every third Friday of the month he
celebrates the release of a new song, a new insight and story. For more info
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Erik Sjøholm (FIN)
”A nomadic singer-songwriter from Ostrobothnia, Finland with the soul of
Leon Bridges, African vibe of Paul Simon and emotional voice of Jeff Buckley” 

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