”The Things We Don’t Speak About”

A Storytelling Concert by Erik Sjøholm


”When I was born, the same day, almost at the same time, my uncle Glenn decided to take his own life. Why? Sometimes we are left with nothing but a blank page.”

In this storytelling concert, nordic singer/songwriter & storyteller Erik Sjøholm dives deep into his own mythology, exploring the stories that have shaped his life. Taking inspiration from ancient myths, critical twentieth century authors and current singer/songwriters like Regina Spector and Bob Dylan, Erik invites the audience to an intimate and raw live experience that flows seamlessly through songs and stories to a place where we can discover new things about ourselves and why we do the things that we do.

The Artist

Erik Sjøholm (FIN) is a singer/songwriter & storyteller who turns ancient myths, folktales and personal stories into songs and poetry. Imagine Jeff Buckley and Paul Simon sitting down round a campfire to sing songs together on a late night in August. As a storyteller Erik looks for stories that connect us, stories that touch the depths of who we are. When he enters the stage with his acoustic guitar and angelic voice he emanates a sense of calmness and presence around him.

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Technical Info

Language: English
Duration: 60min
Minimum stage area: 3x3m


Artist/Storyteller: Erik Sjøholm
Songwriter: Erik Sjøholm
Story writers: Erik Sjøholm & Raphael Rodan
Visual stage design by: Mey Rahimi
Director: Raphael Rodan
Partly funded by Svenska Kulturfonden in Finland

Bookings & Contact

Reach out for more information:

Erik Sjøholm
Phone: +358505557792